How to Make a Gratitude List

It is so easy to think about what we do not have and not see all the things we do have. We sometimes lose sight of our blessings because we take them for granted. Ask the stay at home mom with kids if she feels blessed every single moment. There are times when our blessings often cause chaos and we forget why we wanted them in the first place. Then, take that unexpected hug from your child and quickly you remember all the great things to be thankful for. We need to remember what it was like when we didn’t have those things to remind us how thankful we need to be.

Blessings come in ways we cannot always imagine. Sometimes we wanted one thing and then realize it is not exactly what we thought. Not having things can be a huge blessing. This happens a lot to young girls who wish for a relationship with a particular boy. Instead it never happens and the meet someone even better. We can be thankful for things we do not have like unanswered prayers. Sometimes the answer may just be, wait. During this waiting time, we get the chance to learn and grow. If we are not thankful for what we do receive, it will be harder for us to receive good things in the future.

One way to remind ourselves all the things we are blessed with is through a gratitude list. Spending some quiet time to focus on all the great things you are blessed with can turn your entire mood. As you start listing, you will begin to see how much you have in your life. It can be as simple or detailed as you want. Once you start listing things, more stuff will come to mind. This is a great time to see everything you have and realize maybe you took some of these things for granted.

Once you have made your list, it is important to keep it in a secure place so you can reference it later. When you start to feel sad or depressed, you can look over the list and remember all the blessings in your life. This is a great mood changer. This is also good for you to focus on when things are really bad. All these great things you have listed hold you accountable to stay on a good path so you do not lose what you have been given. Making a gratitude list is important to understand what great things you have in your life.

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