What Does Self-Centered Mean?

When going through the recovery process, you may wonder to yourself, “what does self-centered mean?” We all have an idea of what it means, but do we truly know what it actually means. From a psychological point of view, it is very basic. It means that we only spend time thinking of ourselves. Our decisions affect everyone close to us, but we tend to not think about that when we are drinking or doing drugs to self medicate. It is an extensive pity party or avoidance of such. This can lead to the continuation of a perpetual cycle of destruction. This is never good for anyone, especially you.

Addicts spend a lot of time worrying about licking their own wounds through drinking and doing drugs. They may want to spend time alone drinking or they spend most of their free time out trying to acquire such drugs or alcohol. They forget about their responsibilities such as family, friends, and generally pursued interests. If they are in school, you may notice that they are lacking in areas that they once succeeded in. Many people that use drugs and drink generally alienate the people that care about them the most. This is so they can surround themselves with enablers. Enablers take many forms, but we are talking about the enablers that also use with them and tend to support their behavior. This is only to benefit them and generally those relationships are hollow and empty.

When we start going to meetings, we tend to start to relearn how to treat people. We become sober for numerous reasons, but a lot of the time it is so that we can do this for our families or friends that are closest to us. We need to get ourselves straight so that we can go back to being who we are truly meant to be. We become part of a support group and people do begin to rely on each other truly through this process. That gives us the drive to continue the process. Building relationships that are reliable and honest help us to learn how to be selfless in our actions.

If you or someone you know is too far gone, they may need to go to treatment. Rehabilitation and aftercare can help put them in a controlled situation where they can become clean and be given the tools that will help them live normal lives.

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